View rotating IP account, password, & country information

1.When extracting rotating IP, it usually consists of "IP:port:username:password" or "username:password@IP:port", with a colon as the dividing line;



Port: 5119;

Username: user-123456-country-us-session-dd69060f-state-ca-city-acton;

Password: 12311116yilu6311111;

2.If you use YiLu proxy in the anti-detect browser or third-party software, you need to fill in the complete username, because the username contains information such as country, state, city, etc. If you do not fill in the complete IP information, it may be different.


Username: user-123456-country-us-session-dd69060f-state-ca-city-acton

User account: user-123456;

Country: country-us;

Session: session-dd69060f;

State: state-ca;

City: city-acton;


① Users can change the country, state, and city directly in the username to switch regions, but please make sure the country, state, and city abbreviations you modify are correct and the region is available in the YiLu dashboard. Otherwise, the modification will be invalid or cause the connection to not work;

② session: If you need to replace the IP being used, you can change the current IP by modifying the value after the session (e.g. change session-dd69060f to session-dd69060y).