Static Proxy IP Introduction

Click [ Static Proxy IP] in Yilu interface, you can see the list of Yilu static proxy IPs. Select one of the IP lines, right-click, and select [Connect] to use the proxy. At this time, the top left corner will show the information of the proxy IP, including "local proxy" and "proxy information". The status is marked green at this point. In this way, the Google Chrome browser can access foreign websites, such as Google search pages, etc.

Close the line: You can close the line by clicking the "Stop Proxy Server" button behind "Local Proxy".

Select a new line, right-click, and select [Connect] to use the new proxy. The proxy IP marked in green can also be used by clicking on it (Note: The proxy can be used for 24 hours, and can be renewed after the expiration date).

Click [Previous Page], [Next Page] to refresh the IP of this page.