iPhone Shadowrocket: YiLuProxy Static IP settings

Ⅰ. YiLuProxy settings:

1.YiLu “Program”: Drag any application to the “Programs” TAB, such as the Chrome browser;

2.YiLu “Settings”:

① Proxy Port: Random and Custom are both OK;

② Port Forward: Set the port range according to your needs. For example, if you choose 5500 to 5510, that means the user can forward multiple ports at the same time, and every port should be set to an independent IP;

③ Bind address: Choose, if you are using it on the phone;

④ Proxy Engine Settings: Choose the “YiLu Porttable Proxy Engine”;

⑤ Set the other settings by default;

⑥ Click “Save”.


① The “Local Lan IP” is the “address” that you need to fill in on “Shadowrocket”, you can check it on YiLu’s setting page;

② The phone must be on the same LAN as the YiLu client. If it cannot be connected, turn off the local firewall.

3.IP Port Forward Settings (Sharing Static IP and Dedicated Static IP):

① Choose an IP;

② Right-click to choose the “Port forward”;

③ Choose a “Port” for the IP which you want to fill in it in “Shadowrocket”, you can also check the IP and port information on “PortForwardList” in the YiLu client.


① Used means the port sets the IP, Free means the port is idle and it's not set the IP;

② All IP port forwarding settings are the same.

Ⅱ. Shadowrocket settings:

1.Open “Shadowrocket” software on the phone, click "+" in the upper right corner to add Server;

2.Type: Select Socks5;

3.Address: Fill in the “Local Lan IP”, you can find it on the settings page of the YiLu client;

4.Port: Fill in the forward port set by the user in the YiLu  client;

5.User and password can be empty;

6.Click "Done" to save the server;

7.After selecting the added server, open this server;

8.Click on "Connectivity Test" to see if it is connected;

9.After the successful connection, open the ipinfo.io website to detect the current IP is consistent with the IP set by you in YiLu;

10.After the successful setup, you can start operating your business.


① This tutorial supports all IOS systems;

② Shadowrocket software can only be downloaded by overseas accounts;

③ Rotating residential/datacenter IP port forward method is the same as this tutorial.