Introduction of Mobile Proxy IP

一.YiLuProxy Mobile Proxy IP Introduction:
YiLuProxy has 5000w+ real device mobile proxy IPs in hundreds of regions around the world, which can meet various business needs that require mobile proxy IPs. Paid packages are charged by traffic, no time limit, no broadband restrictions, unlimited concurrent requests, and HTTP/Socks5 dual protocol. Installing PC client is simple and easy to use.
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二.Use of Mobile Proxy IP:
1.Page introduction:

Mobile Proxy IP

① Click [Mobile IP/Professional Residential IP] in the YiLuProxy to enter the page.

③Select the Mobile Proxy IP.

②Choose the required country according to the need of the state or city.

⑤Select the required number of generation in the bottom right corner.

⑥Click the [Extract] button to get the corresponding IP address.

④You can select the copy format. Copy IP:Port:Username:Password or Username:Password:IP:Port to the clipboard.


You may find that the proxy IP in the Proxy IP list are all the same, please note that what you see here is our transit server IP.

The IP you are using is our export IP, right click "Check export IP" and you will see the terminal IP you need to use.

2. Usage method

YiLuProxy Mobile Proxy IP to meet the different needs of customers, there are a variety of ways to use, you can choose according to your specific applications.

Method 1: Direct connection, mostly used for applications that only need a single IP, such as Google Chrome, etc.

Drag the application that needs to use the proxy into the client "Program" option, right-click an IP, select "Use Proxy", then the application in the "Program" will automatically use the proxy of you selected. For more information, please refer to:

➡️Video Tutorial

➡️Text Tutorial

Method 2: "IP:Port:Account:Password" information extraction connection. It is generally used in applications that require multiple proxies, such as fingerprint browsers.

Right-click an IP and select "Copy selected proxy information", then the information will be copied according to the format selected in the image ④. For more details, please refer to.

➡️Text Tutorial

Method 3: The local forwarding port batch use. It is generally used in applications that require multiple proxies, such as fingerprint browsers, etc.

Right-click an IP, and select "Forward Port to Proxy", the corresponding line will be forwarded to the target port of local device.

You can also batch port forwarding to forward the extracted N IPs to N ports at once. For details, please refer to.

➡️Text Tutorial

Mehod 4: Scan QR code. Generally used for mobile device APP, such as shadowrocket in cell phones, v2rayNG, etc.

Directly left click an IP, and then the QR code will appear in the right box of the client.

You can use the application that supports QR code to scan the code directly to connect. For more information, please refer to:

➡️Mobile Phone Proxy Tutorial

Mehod 5: API batch extraction. It is generally used for batch automation tasks. Such as web crawlers, etc.

For details, please refer to:

➡️API Tutorial

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