Is there an API interface?

API interface is available.

1. API interface generates proxy IPs in batches:

2. After opening the address, you can modify the parameters by yourself. The specific parameters are described as follows:

  • num=represents the number of IPs generated;
  • protocol=represents proxy IP type, currently supports socks5 and http types;
  • country=country shortcode&state=state&city=city;
  • infoformat= is the format of the generated IP:

   1= IP:Port:Username:Password;

   2= Username:[email protected]:Port.

  • datacenter= represents rotating IP:

   0 is rotating residential IP;

   1 is rotating datacenter IP.

  • session = represents the duration of IP usage:

   1 is to keep the IP unchanged for a period of time;

   0 is to change IP for each request.

3. Interface location in the software: