The software cannot be started or used normally?

YiLuProxy software supports all Windows version systems.

If the browser displays your local IP address when you cannot start or use the software on your system, please refer to the solution below or contact customer service.

1. It is possible that the active defense/real-time protection of your anti-virus software has mistakenly blocked YiLuProxy's proxy function. You can try to turn off your anti-virus software (Norton, 360, Tencent Computer Manager, etc.) or whitelist the YiLuProxy file. After that, re-download the latest version of YiLuProxy and try again.

2. It is possible that your system is not an original copy of Windows issued by Microsoft, therefore lacks some necessary files to make YiLuProxy's default proxy engine work properly.

3. If you have tried 2 steps above and YiLuProxy still doesn't work properly, that's your system issue. Please reinstall the system. Please make sure you are using the original version of Microsoft Windows without modification or cracking. And update Windows to the latest, then try again. Thank you!