How long can a single IP of Dynamic IP last?

YiLuProxy has three types of dynamic IP:

Dynamic Residential IP, Dynamic Computer Room IP (Data Center IP) and Professional Dynamic Residential IP.

Dynamic Residential IP/Dynamic Computer Room IP:

YiLuProxy's Dynamic Residential IP is the real home broadband residential IP and data center IP, and there is no way to accurately control the duration of these IPs. This is because home broadband may shut down or restart the routing at any time, data centers will also have various situations that cause IP to be disabled. Rotating IP can also ensure the security and invisibility of IP and users' demand for multiple IPs. Therefore, Dynamic IP can be used for several minutes to several hours per IP under normal conditions.

Professional Dynamic Residential IP:

Compared with Dynamic Residential IP and Data Center IP, Professional Residential IP is YiLuProxy's exclusive selection of high-quality global real residential IP with ultra-long and stable connection and accurate city positioning. In actual operation, the Professional Residential IP can be connected continuously and stably for 30 mins to more than 1 hour.

In the actual application, you need to test according to your different business.

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