TikTok Proxy

What is TikTok ?

As the international version of “Dou Yin”, TikTok is as popular as the domestic one, and is one of the most downloaded APPs in the world. Due to the emergence of cross-border e-commerce, TikTok has bred a variety of business opportunities, including but not limited to helping to improve brand awareness, access to We Media author cooperation resources, traffic and realization, etc. The traffic of Tiktok can really bring huge profits for businesses.

Why TikTok needs a proxy ?

Everyone expects to get a slice of the cake from TikTok. And the first step to developing cross-border e-commerce through TikTok is to register a TikTok account. Since TikTok is targeted at overseas users and cannot be registered through domestic channels, a foreign proxy IP is required to successfully register a TikTok account.

TikTok has more than 1.2 billion users worldwide. The more users, the wider your brand display. If you want to make your account more visible, you need to operate and foster it carefully. Due to the mechanism of the TikTok platform, it is better to use only one IP address for an account when operating multiple accounts, and you should not switch the IP of the account at will, otherwise, the account may be banned due to abnormal conditions.

The importance of foreign proxy IP to TikTok users can be seen from the registration to foster accounts. As an IP proxy provider, YiluProxy can provide users with high-quality, cheap, and easy-to-use global residential proxy, which is very suitable for TikTok users and for the management of multi-account operation of TikTok users.

Why choose Yilu Proxy for TikTok operation ?

Yilu Proxy client panel is designed to be simple and intuitive. When users need to manage different TikTok accounts, YiluProxy can quickly switch proxies to improve users' business efficiency and help them better operate and manage their accounts. Yilu Proxy is transparently priced with no hidden fees. It can be charged by traffic or the number of IPs. If you need to keep a specific IP to proxy TikTok for a longer period of time, you can choose our dedicated static IP. The dedicated static IP is fast, stable, and valid for a long period of time, so it is perfect for the multi-account management of TikTok.

How to use YiluProxy to carry out TikTok work ?

  • According to the specific business, select the proxy type you need at the Yilu Proxy client: Sharing static IP / Dedicated static IP / Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP

  • Filter and obtain the IP of the specific country or city you want to use from the Yilu Proxy client:

    Sharing static / Dedicated static IP: USA

    Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP: covering most countries and cities around the world

  • After configuring the proxy information, you can start your business.

    Multi-port forwarding: Sharing static IP / Dedicated static IP / Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP

    Account password: Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP