Data Collection

What is data collection ?

In the face of the massive information world, when more and more data and information are available from the Internet, the collection, analysis, and in-depth mining of large amounts of data may also generate huge business opportunities.

Why data collection needs a proxy ?

Faced with the need to collect data from different users at different levels, most sites have implemented countermeasures, so that if a user tries to access the site too often using the same IP address, it will be quickly detected and restricted. If you want to crawl a site with a million pieces of content, but they set an IP limit of only 1000 pieces per hour, if you use the same IP and keep it the same, it will take you 40 days to crawl all the information.

YiluProxy network has a large pool of IP addresses, supporting users to collect the required data through many different proxy IP addresses, while ensuring that each IP address stays below the rate limit of the target site, which greatly increases efficiency.

Why choose YiluProxy for data collection?

YiluProxy provides users with a large number of high-quality pure residential IPs to ensure the normal operation of the data collection business. YiluProxy supports IP address rotation technology, and can assign a different rotating residential IP to each new connection established by users, so as to deal with the countermeasures of major websites. Set residential IP in different countries and cities to overcome restrictions and obstacles, and accurately grab the required data.

How to use YiluProxy to carry out data collection ?

  • According to the specific business, select the proxy type you need at the Yilu Proxy client: Sharing static IP / Dedicated static IP / Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP

  • Filter and obtain the IP of the specific country or city you want to use from the Yilu Proxy client:

    Sharing static / Dedicated static IP: USA

    Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP: covering most countries and cities around the world

  • After configuring the proxy information, you can start your business.

    Multi-port forwarding: Sharing static IP / Dedicated static IP / Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP

    Account password: Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP