What is cross-border e-commerce?

Cross-border e-commerce is a new form of international trade that moves traditional sales and shopping channels to the Internet and breaks the visible and invisible barriers of countries and regions. It takes traditional international trade into networking and electronization, takes electronic technology and logistics as the main means, and takes commerce as the core. Because it can reduce intermediate links, save costs, and have other advantages, cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly around the world.

Why cross-border e-commerce needs proxy?

Most mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms have regional restrictions and do not allow mainland users to open stores, such as Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay. Therefore, reliable foreign proxies can solve the problem of regional restrictions and select the required regional proxies for registration. In addition, cross-border e-commerce platforms do not allow sellers to operate more than one store for the sake of a good commerce environment. They will determine whether the store has an account association by IP address and other conditions. Once multiple accounts are found to be associated, the account will face the risk of being blocked.

As a special network service, proxy IP has gradually become an indispensable tool for overseas industries. To solve the problem of multi-account association in cross-border e-commerce, we can also rely on the Yilu Proxy IP. Yilu Proxy maintains that each account has a separate IP address and does not switch IP addresses at will, which can reduce the risk of account association.

Why choose Yilu Proxy for cross-border e-commerce?

Yilu Proxy has residential IP proxy covering more than 200 countries around the world, and these highly hidden IP proxies can connect to countries and cities around the world. Use Yilu Proxy to build a separate network environment for each account, which prevents the risk of being associated with each account and effectively improves work efficiency. Up to now, Yilu Proxy has provided services to many cross-border e-commerce sellers and has received unanimous praise.

How to use Yilu Proxy to carry out cross-border e-commerce work?

  • According to the specific business, select the proxy type you need at the Yilu Proxy client: Sharing static IP / Dedicated static IP / Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP

  • Filter and obtain the IP of the specific country or city you want to use from the Yilu Proxy client:

    Sharing static / Dedicated static IP: USA

    Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP: covering most countries and cities around the world

  • After configuring the proxy information, you can start your business.

    Multi-port forwarding: Sharing static IP / Dedicated static IP / Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP

    Account password: Rotating residential IP / Rotating datacenter IP