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Dedicated/Shared Static Data Center Proxy IP

YiLu Proxy provides dedicated/shared static data center proxy IPs that are economical, efficient, and stable. We have a large number of data center proxy servers worldwide, forming a huge proxy IP pool to ensure that we provide you with pure and stable proxy IPs, and efficiently expand your online business.

- Long-term stability

- Highly anonymous and fast connection

- Price advantage


What are Static Data Center Proxy IPs?

Data center proxy IPs, also known as machine room proxy IPs, are network proxy services with fixed and unchanging IP addresses leased in data centers. These IP addresses are usually associated with specific servers or data centers, and provide high-speed network connections and stable performance. Unlike dynamic data center proxy IPs, static data center proxy IPs will not change in a short period of time, making them suitable for business scenarios that require long-term stable IP addresses, such as data mining, web crawling, network scanning, and other applications that require a large amount of data fetching.


Why choose YiLu Proxy Static Data Center Proxy IPs?

--Rich geographical coverage

Covering major regions and countries worldwide to meet different proxy needs.

--99.99% normal operation connection

Using large self-owned data center servers to provide stable and reliable proxy services.

--High-quality resources and fast connection

Using high-speed network connections to provide faster network access speeds.

--High anonymity and stability

Anti-tracking, protect privacy, and ensure data security. Easily break through various access restrictions and double efficiency.

--Dual proxy protocol and API interface

Supporting both http and socks5 dual proxy protocols. Supporting API interfaces for free integration.

--YiLu Proxy exclusive client

One-click decompression, simple operation, easy management of your proxy IPs, quickly and accurately find and filter proxy IPs.


Advantages of YiLu Static Data Center Proxy IPs:

  • Strong stability
    Using globally-owned data center proxy servers with high IP stability and reliability.

  • High reliability
    Using globally-owned data center proxy servers, the risk of IP blocking is relatively low.

  • Highly anonymous
    Providing highly anonymous proxy services to better protect user privacy.

  • Fast and stable
    Using high-quality networks worldwide, with fast network speeds and high stability.


YiLu Dedicated/Shared Static Data Center Proxy IP prices

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
Working Process

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Go to the YiLu Proxy registration page, enter your email address, receive and enter the verification code in your email, fill in your password, and click the registration button to create your YiLu Proxy account.



Go to the YiLu Proxy download page, click the "Download Client" button, download and install the YiLu Proxy Windows client, and log in to the client software using your YiLu Proxy account.



Log in to your YiLu Proxy client, click the "Recharge" button in the upper left corner of the interface, use Alipay or USDT-TRC20 to recharge your account balance, and all proxy IPs in the client can be selected for use. please refer to the user manual for details.


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