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Dynamic Residential Proxy IP

YiLu Proxy provides global residential proxy IPs that utilize pure residential IPs owned by international operators. Our high-performance, high-anonymity servers are stable and without any restrictions, suitable for accessing network data from anywhere in the world for any type of business scenario, efficiently expanding your online business.

- 90 million residential proxy IP pool.

- Coverage in 240+ countries/regions worldwide.

- Supports both HTTP/SOCKS5 protocols.


What's Dynamic Residential Proxy IP?

Dynamic Residential Proxy IP is a type of proxy IP service that is based on dynamic IP and residential networks. It can assign one or more dynamic IP addresses to different users and dynamically change the IP address when users use the proxy service.
Unlike static proxy IP, the IP addresses used by dynamic residential proxy IP are usually home residential network addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They have high performance, high anonymity, and no restrictions.


Why use dynamic residential proxy IP ?

Simulate real user behavior

Dynamic residential proxy IP is better able to simulate the browsing behavior of real users. As the IP address is changed regularly, it is more suitable for applications that require frequent IP address changes, such as search engine optimization, data mining, and advertising placement, which can improve success rates and efficiency.

Wide distribution range

The IP addresses of dynamic residential proxy IP come from residential broadband networks in multiple geographical locations, with wide coverage. Users can choose the most suitable IP address according to their own needs, with higher anonymity and stability.

High anonymity and stability

Dynamic residential proxy IP addresses come from different residential networks. Using them for proxy access can achieve higher anonymity and stability, protecting user privacy and security.

High-speed access

Dynamic residential proxy IP addresses are usually faster than data center proxy IP addresses because they come from real residential networks rather than virtual data center networks.


Advantages of YiLu dynamic residential proxy IP:

  • Ultra-high concurrency, no restrictions
    Using dedicated high-performance servers, requests are made using real residential addresses, with no concurrency restrictions, improving operational efficiency.

  • Multiple forms
    Multiple proxy authentication modes are supported, and API interfaces are available to meet the needs of different users.

  • Suitable for over 99+ application scenarios
    YiLu dynamic residential IP supports multiple protocols, suitable for various application scenarios such as web crawling, anonymous access, account registration, and advertising placement.

  • Professional technical support
    One-to-one professional customer service support and a strong technical team to provide technical support.

Why Us

Why choose YiLu dynamic residential proxy IP?

90 million IP resources

Residential IP online proxy resources in over 240+ countries/regions worldwide, stable operation.

99.99% normal running connection

YiLu proxy provides strong technical support to ensure continuous access to IP.

High-quality resources and rapid response

Unlimited concurrent requests, high performance&efficiency, with a latency of <10ms.

High anonymity and stability

Anti-tracking, protects privacy, and safeguards data. Easily break through various access restrictions and double efficiency.

Dual proxy protocol & API interface

Supports HTTP, SOCKS5 dual proxy protocols;
Supports API interface, freely integrated.

YiLu proxy exclusive client

One-click decompression, simple operation, easy management of your proxy IP, and fast and accurate search and filtering of proxy IP.


Dynamic Residential IP

Charge by GB, unlimited usage time, specific plan details:

Working Process

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Go to the YiLu Proxy registration page, enter your email address, receive and enter the verification code in your email, fill in your password, and click the registration button to create your YiLu Proxy account.



Go to the YiLu Proxy download page, click the "Download Client" button, download and install the YiLu Proxy Windows client, and log in to the client software using your YiLu Proxy account.



Log in to your YiLu Proxy client, click the "Recharge" button in the upper left corner of the interface, use Alipay or USDT-TRC20 to recharge your account balance, and all proxy IPs in the client can be selected for use. please refer to the user manual for details.


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